The Rest of Your Life Starts at the Library

The State Library's youth empowerment and workforce development event

Hello Aspen participants! Here’s an update on the State Library’s work to further the goals identified in the Dialogue, specifically, leveraging public libraries to support: (1) youth empowerment; (2) workforce development; and (3) libraries’ role as civic hubs.

Last week, the State Library hosted an event called, “The Rest of Your Life Starts at the Library,” in part to progress the youth empowerment and workforce development goals. We had close to 20 middle school kids from Denver and Byers who were able to explore careers in drone piloting, robotics, audio recording/deejays, culinary arts and librarianship, with the help of local public libraries and area businesses. Commissioner Anthes was on hand to greet the students and open their eyes to the career possibilities for which public libraries may offer experiential learning opportunities.

We’ll turn our attention next towards the theme of libraries as civic hubs, with possible formal facilitation training for librarians to hold community conversations, and showcasing a pilot program to make local, state, and federal law available online in every public library in the state.

Some of your counterparts from the Dialogue, Claudine Perrault, Clarke Becker, Katherine Correll and Connie Rule will be presenting with us at the Colorado Association of Libraries conference next month, to educate library leadership and staff on our Spring convening and how they have applied it to their daily work.

We will continue to update our event website with this and other information, and as always, we welcome your updates and ideas to further the work of last spring’s Dialogue. Happy fall! Jacqueline

Photos of the drone cage, and more, are below. Enjoy!